Thursday, January 31, 2008

Maddie Checks In,

OMG before I say anything,I need to tell you about these 2 totally cute boys that I saw in the Tipton!They were rich too! Yay...them? Anyways Maddie fell in love with 1 of them...haha!But then this newspaper cover came out and Daddy said I can't go to the Usher concert unless Maddie came too! Haha and then Maddie goes all out by making the cuties think she lives in a suite, Zack & Cody's! And you know what's even funnier? They caught her leaving with her bags, ahh poor people crack me up! But heres where I don't like it, The twins tell Kyle and Jason Maddie's moving to the imperial suite! So while Maddie's out, Those little rats steal the suite and 1 of my good dresses, then lock me in a janitors closet!EWW! Luckily just when I thought they were gonna get away with it, Moseby caught the fiends...or is it friends? No fiends! So Maddie tells Jason the truth ;D But for some reason he was all about forgiving her...? weird,oh well Yay me!

xo, love L.T

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Fairest Of Them All


So as a former Mini Miss Beauty Pageanter It's so my happy kinda feelings to tell you that It was just hosted here at The Tipton, and I'm sure any other pageanters out there agree, Yay me! Am I right? OMG I totally am! Anyway I hosted a slumber party for them and everything, they all loved me, but who doesn't love me? No-one doesnt love me! Duh! So the finalists were Tyreesha. . .and Rebecca, I'm not sure about Tyreesha, but Rebecca and Brianna I'm sure of. Oh but I mean I'm not sure if Tyreesha was her name. . .since it wasn't, It was. . .um,Cody? Or Brody? No Cody, I was right, Yay me! Except at the end when his twin person, Zack I think it was,took over and skated,And then the Cody person came out and jumped on Tyreesha. . .who was Zack, I'm great! Anyway I think I hear Ivanna, my Pomeranian puppy barking so bye-bye,

Love always, London xo

Hotel Hang-out


So some new people have moved in. . .I totally can't remember their names but I'm rich & beautiful so Yay me! Anyway I don't think the two kids were very happy. . .I was sooo scared I thought I needed glasses but they were just twin peoples,I'm so smart! But you know It was probably cos their not popular like me! Atleast they weren't until a bunch of kids found out they lived at the Tipton, It was like so crowded, But I'm sure they figured it out cos the crowds of mini peoples is stopped. Also some woman they came with does singing and dancing and stuff, but you'll never guess what the best part is! I'm Rich! BTW I did remember 1 name finally, Maddie, and she's like really smart so now I've agreed to help her get this guy, and no I don't remember his name,but if I help her date him, she'll tutor me. . .Yay Me!

Lots of Love,London xo

All Me All The Time!


What's up people, My names London and I live at the Tipton Hotel, That's because my Daddy's rich, that makes me rich. . .Yay me! So anyway since I'm so rich and beautiful, life is so easy, meaning I have lot's of time to brag about it to you! So this is my blog, also check out my webisode site, it's lot's of fun you'll never wanna leave! Gasp! That means you'd have no time for shopping, OMG you'll shrivel-up and die without the latest imported from Milan fashions! I gotta go! I'm coming closet!

Bye-bye, love London Tipton xo