Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hotel Hang-out


So some new people have moved in. . .I totally can't remember their names but I'm rich & beautiful so Yay me! Anyway I don't think the two kids were very happy. . .I was sooo scared I thought I needed glasses but they were just twin peoples,I'm so smart! But you know It was probably cos their not popular like me! Atleast they weren't until a bunch of kids found out they lived at the Tipton, It was like so crowded, But I'm sure they figured it out cos the crowds of mini peoples is stopped. Also some woman they came with does singing and dancing and stuff, but you'll never guess what the best part is! I'm Rich! BTW I did remember 1 name finally, Maddie, and she's like really smart so now I've agreed to help her get this guy, and no I don't remember his name,but if I help her date him, she'll tutor me. . .Yay Me!

Lots of Love,London xo

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