Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Me All The Time!


What's up people, My names London and I live at the Tipton Hotel, That's because my Daddy's rich, that makes me rich. . .Yay me! So anyway since I'm so rich and beautiful, life is so easy, meaning I have lot's of time to brag about it to you! So this is my blog, also check out my webisode site, Yaymestarringlondontipton.com it's lot's of fun you'll never wanna leave! Gasp! That means you'd have no time for shopping, OMG you'll shrivel-up and die without the latest imported from Milan fashions! I gotta go! I'm coming closet!

Bye-bye, love London Tipton xo


destinee said...

hi london how is it when you are rich and living a great life when you getthis message please fill free to send me a messge back at diaz.destinee@yahoo.com and i will get i byebye hope you send me a message byebye

cool rebecca said...

i love you London you are rich i love it